Friday, March 1, 2013

Stay Connected

Parenting 4 month-old twins does not leave one with much free time. Add in other kids, work, maintaining a household, and finding time to eat/sleep/exercise properly, and not much time remains to maintain friendships let alone seek new ones. Yet maintaining those social lifelines, as well as making new connections with other parents of infant multiples, can be rejuvenating. When our twins were younger, the last thing I thought I had time for was attending my local parents of multiples club's monthly meetings- yet somehow when able to swing it, was so grateful I did. There is something instantly comforting about sitting in a room full of people who GET IT. Sharing tricks, tips and ideas, and just plain venting about the twin parenting experience can be downright soothing for your soul. If others' multiples are yours' ages, you can live through the experience together. If their kids are older, they can share some wisdom with you; if younger, you can share your experiences and what you have learned (helping you realize how quickly time is really passing, and how far you have come; ie. this too shall pass).

Speaking of social networking, I strongly suggest connecting online with your local multiples group. There are several public groups (watch for the "globe" icon which indicates anyone can read the comment), but many groups have a private forum to post questions and suggestions, making it even easier to stay connected even if unable to leave the house for a meeting. I'll be posting more content on our Facebook page at as the format easily lends itself to quick links and updates, so be sure to look for Raising Twins online. To find a local multiples group in your geographic area, check out There is a search bar to look specifically by city or zip code.

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